Hawk Rock Loop

Duncanon, PA (State Game Lands 290) – Appalachian Trail


Postponed due to weather!  Check back soon!  Join us (Check Back) and hike Hawk Rock with Central PA Hikers!

Hawk Rock Loop


Hawk Rock Overlook Trail in Duncannon, PA, offers a captivating hiking experience. This scenic trail takes you through a picturesque forested area, leading to the stunning Hawk Rock viewpoint. Along the way, you’ll encounter diverse flora and fauna, creating a serene atmosphere. As you reach the overlook, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the Susquehanna River and the surrounding mountains. The trail is moderately challenging but manageable for most hikers, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking natural beauty and a rewarding adventure.

Admin Notes and Trail Review:  When we last attempted this trail we were unable to determine where the trail continued after the scenic overlook, we ended up doing this as an out-and-back rather than the full loop.  In the future, we hope to attend with someone who is more familiar with this trail who can guide us to the loop.  The trail is easy to navigate and relatively stable, but some areas are very rocky, our recommendation is to have sturdy hiking boots to help save your ankles on the decent.

Trail Maps


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Safety Information


Central PA Hikers wants you to be safe while hiking this trail:

  • Boots should be worn on this hike, sneakers, sandals, and water shoes can lead to accidental slips or falls, this hike has loose rocks in places.
  • Be prepared with a compass, map, matches, water, food, flashlight, etc.  These items should be utilized in case of emergency, this is especially important when traveling remote trails or when hiking during non-summer seasons.
  • Give yourself plenty of time for your hike. The weather changes quickly in the area, so plan to be off the trails well before dark.
  • Stay on the trails, leaving the trail causes damage to unique natural resources, promotes erosion, and can be dangerous.
  • Don’t take shortcuts from one trail section to another, taking shortcuts down switchbacks is dangerous and causes trail damage.
  • Double blazes indicate a change in the trail’s direction.


Past Hikes


Hawk Rock Scenic Overlook July 1, 2023

Difficulty Level:
Completion Time:
All Trails Rating:
Times Completed:
2.2 Miles
784 Feet
1h 27m
4.5 Stars
1 - July 1, 2023

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